Eat Healthy, by the Broke Lazy Mom

People are super pushy about YOUR diet, right?! Of course, today, everyone is super opinionated about everything. Nothing we do is right. Such complete and utter bullshit.

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Good Thing Sex and Love Aren’t Codependent

Every week, my husband comes home from being out of town and I have it in my head that something magical will happen between us. Every week. It does not. Not that we don't have sex. We do but not with frequency or fun. Truthfully, I miss feeling special. That super heightened arousal that only... Continue Reading →

I Do Not Like Frozen Custard, But….

Every area in the country has its unique food foibles. I am lucky. Growing up I benefitted from three distinct but domestic food cultures. My mom's Pennsylvanian, United Methodist, and last but not least Saint Louis.  Saint Louis means Imo's, toasted raviolis, mostaccioli at EVERY wedding, waffle cones, and Ted Drewes.  Ugh. I hate half... Continue Reading →

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