Broke, Lazy and ….Cheating????

Since becoming fat, I get asked a LOT if I’m cheating. I can almost hear the person asking me this sucking down their Starbucks or mindlessly munching on some other delectable goodness, I painstakingly worked on not eating. NO, I’M NOT FUCKING CHEATING, YOU MORON!  No, you can’t really say that. But you want to. Followed by a jab ending in the phrase “skinny bitch”.

You can’t say that because you probably do it, too. We all do. I personally steam when I see a fellow fat wolfing down a triple cheese burger plus a full serving of loaded fries. You know, the ones that are so bacon, cheesy, sour creamy that you can’t see the fries?! It’s not always for the same reason though. Sometimes it’s like ” Don’t you know that THEY are watching us?!” Other times it is pure jealousy. “Sure, you are bigger than me but you don’t have health problems, huh? Ass!” And, worse, I didn’t feel this way thin. 

Chances are, if you are trying and not succeeding, you haven’t found your groove yet. The one where YOU get to lose doing it but other people don’t. I think anyone who struggles probably falls in this small percentage of people whose bodies, for whatever reason, act out of sync with the main populous. Let’s face it, we KNOW if we are honestly trying and if we are phoning it in. 

In the meantime, how do you combat feeling bullied?

  1. Everyone means well deep inside. Even if it comes out like cat claws. 
  2. It really is just a feeling. Change it to something constructive. 
  3. Realize that you are not alone. There’s just not a lot of people willing to talk about their failure.
  4. Our weight is our large struggle, theirs is something else. Likely something that is easy for you. Remember that.
  5. If all else fails, show them. I will seriously screen shot my day or week and send it. 
  6. Take breaks from people in hopes of finding other people. Each time I try something new, I kinda advertise it. Sure to date, I haven’t gotten any takers. One day I will and it will be easier.  
  7. Embrace the fat. It does, surprisingly, get easier to be fat when you face it head on. I’m fat! Look! I’m also aging and awkward! 
  8. Be kind if you are on the other side. Always remember how it felt to you and be the support you wish you had. (Yes! I’ll totally race you to drop 5 pounds! Loser buys lunch!)

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