Eat Away from Home 

Eating on any version of a healthy diet sucks the moment you have to be away from home. Low fat, low sodium eaters, I feel especially sorry for you!!! I’ve been there. Couldn’t even order a salad without going way over my sodium at IHOP, was told I couldn’t share my meal at O’Charley’s. And the math!!! Omg. Figuring out how much I could actually eat to not blow my numbers. Shut the front door!!!!  That SUCKED. 

After a while of looking it up you get the hang of where and what and how much. When you are low fat, you have no choice but to look it up. Some restaurants have sneaky items. (Seriously, look at IHOP nutritional menu). 

My husband works out of town 4 days a week. Not one of those per diem gigs either. It comes out of our budget. MOST of the time the company does put him up in a hotel with a fridge and microwave. Most but not all. He’s definitely had to toss days’ worth of food. 

The hubs decided he wanted to eat with me on the low carb. He had done it before, so I wasn’t worried at all. He came home that week thinner and CRABBY. So crabby. He said he didn’t know what to eat so he just didn’t eat. What?!?  SMDH! 

Now, since hubs isn’t normally one of those incompetent people who can’t do anything without guidance, I was concerned. I realized that while I talked a lot about food and my tracking, I’m the MOM. Ain’t nobody listen’ to me!

I came up with a menu and shopping list just for him.  I made him a dozen hard-boiled eggs, peeled them and sent them with him on the road. He bought granola bars of his choosing to go with them and could grab a piece of fruit from the hotel breakfast layout. Those made breakfasts. For lunch I sliced him up thick slices of ham I had in the house and had him buy one block of cheese and divide it into 4. This combo makes 4 lunches easy to eat in the truck. Next he had to buy dinners. One rotisserie chicken 2 bags of green steamable veggies of his choice makes 2 dinners. For the third I had him get a package of precooked bacon (he had no idea that existed) an avocado and a tomato. As a salad or bread-less sandwich dinner.

When he came home, I grilled him about his food for the week. How it went, what else he ate, etc. He reported that his heart palpitated from the sodium. It turned out he did all the low carb while still chugging sodas and sweet coffees, energy drinks. Needless to say, he’s off the low carb. But the experience helped him learn to eat better on the road. He will be having FAR less sodium this week. 

Which brings me to another point. You can not do low carb / low sodium. I know body builders do this but their guides for “low” are much different numbers than the ones you use for general-not- in- the -gym health. For most of us, as you cut one, the other goes up. 

For us stay at home parents, eating away from home usually means kid friendly fast food joint. On low carb, this is super simple. Just keep a fork on you. There are TONS of blogs on what to order, how to order, where. On low fat it was much harder. I got in the habit of knowing what I was ordering before I walked in. If I stood there and decided I made poor decisions.  I ate at Steak n Shake a lot. Their sodium is lower than other places so I could still have a number for my day that wasn’t blown and enjoy my meal. 


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