The First Three Weeks LCHF

If you have read my other blogs you will know that I am not doing phases or induction. This is how it breaks down for me, the doc says do this and I do it the best that I can. Even when the doctor is wrong.  My new doctor said Low Carb High Fat is how we want you to eat. He did not say Atkins, Cruz, South Beach or Zone, etc. Another important distinction is most or all of these add back in carbs at some point. Doc did not say temporarily go on this diet. 

The community itself comes out pretty divided on the subject of induction. I think, in general, it breaks down like this. The hard core followers who work the diets say you must do induction, ketosis, ketosis, ketosis. The followers who live it as a lifestyle, that is never go above a certain number of carbs per day, say, nah. You don’t need it. So, who is right? They both are.

You need induction IF you need a more instant reassurance from the scale, tape measure or favorite jeans. You also need it if you are going to diet instead of lifestyle. If you are going to add bread, fruit, pasta at any point later. 

There are major pitfalls to doing this diet. One is the way people count. No one is doing it the same, so, if you are lucky enough to have weight loss pals, make sure you are counting the same foods by the same method. This could fall way down the rabbit hole here. Seriously. It is a hot mess of really adamant people. Think politics for food. 

The second pitfall is sugar alcohols, varieties of sugars and flours. Watch recipes and know your carb goals. I can not do artificial sweeteners because they were causing my migraines. Stevia tastes like Splenda, Sweet n Low and Equal. Gross. The liquid tastes slightly better than the powder and for some reason contains no carbs as opposed to 2 grams per serving.  I do get headaches but not migraines and I don’t think they are related to the Stevia. Mostly it just helped me wean my coffee down to almost coffee and heavy cream. 

It turns out that the community is also divided on those oh so sneaky calories. In this case, I think both sides are wrong for stating on way or another. I think it falls 100% individual. At best, it is more heavily weighted for people who are not carb sensitive. I think most carb sensitive people drop regardless of calories.

Hunger. The general consensus is that you are not hungry on LCHF.  Whatevs. I’m starving then I’m not at all hungry. I finish everything, I dump half my plate. I want snacks in front of the TV, I don’t want any.


These are my actual numbers. I count everything that goes into my mouth for the last two weeks. The first week I was not counting my coffee with REAL SUGAR. You may notice my goal numbers change. Every week, I look at my numbers and the scale and often make adjustments if there is no progress. Now, my weight did this up and down pattern on low sodium, low fat, moderate carb and ended up trending upward. I will post my measurements the middle of next month. 

Week 1. Add like 20g sugar and carbs  and 80 calories to daily average for coffee 

Week 2

Week 3


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