Broke, Lazy, Diet Life

I have decided that anyone that says ‘it is SO easy’ about any change in diet, does not really like food. Like people who don’t cook with their hands, these ‘so easy’ people are not to be trusted. I like food and cooking with my hands!  Changing the way you eat and even perceive food is not easy. I’m having trouble even 3 years into it. 

But, alas, we must. Whichever dietary life you find yourself on, not having easy food will cause you to fall off. Here are a few of my tried and true everyday Broke and Lazy tips. 

On the go

  • Carry your water! Always! 
  • Gas station – small pack of nuts and a string cheese OR Jerky and Cheese
  • Dollar Tree – dried fruit and nut trail mix (I haven’t been here since starting LC)
  • McD’s – fruit and yogurt parfait OR double cheeseburger and side salad (take off the bun, give to the kid who spills his meal)

At Home

  • Chicken Jalapeño Raw Poppers. Cut jalapeños in half, stuff with creamed cheese and top with sliced cooked chicken. 
  • Pizza. You heard me. Pizza. There are lots of recipes for pizza with egg whites for crust. I beat mine stiff, spread on an oiled pan, bake until starts to brown, top it for YOUR dietary needs, bake it again until its melty.
  • Egg Drop Soup. Chicken broth to a boil, mix egg or egg white with a tablespoon or so of grated parmesan, add to boiling broth, boil 2 more minutes. Optional – add sliced green onions and/or sliced mushrooms
  • Muffinless Egg sandwich. Fry egg or egg white, top with cheese, put it on a slice of ham or sausage or thinly sliced chicken 
  • Pork rinds OR sliced radishes with French onion dip

When I read what others do to get through, it helps me think about my choices differently. I hope my tricks help you do the same. 


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