I Take My Coffee with Cream and Butter

I think the idea of swaps was probably brought on by the feeling of deprivation. Every way of eating makes you feel deprived of some favorite. To whoever birthed the swap this for that craze, THANK YOU. Even if it didn’t help sate a craving, it helped change the way we think about cooking and eating. 

For myself, it sparks memories of things forgotten. Years ago, I hiked a lot and was a regular Backpacker magazine reader. I was always curious about butter in hot chocolate and coffee. Serious hikers need loads of calories and this trick was repeatedly a favorite. Alas, it was not something I could try. Low fat, low fat, low fat.  Ahh. Those days are done for now. And since I decided to switch my main fat for the next month from olive oil to butter …much to the HORROR of my spouse…. I started dumping a tablespoon in my coffee with my cream.  I love the decadence of it. 

Low Carb isn’t the only time I’ve luxuriated in some little thing a new diet offered. When I first cut sodium, I gave myself extra sweets. When I added low fat to that, I seriously and thoroughly enjoyed spending half my grocery budget (or going over) at the local produce market. Strolling around in the open air grabbing up fresh produce from local farms at really cheap prices in definitely a favorite pastime. We put in a very tiny garden and picked our own cucumbers and tomatoes which we ate immediately for lunch or dinner. 

Finding ways to eat and feel completely satiated are really important. A mission worth pursuing!!!  If you love what you do, it isn’t work. 


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