All We Do Together is Eat

I really don’t know how it ended up this way, but all my partner and I do together is eat. Seriously. We probably aren’t the only couple that does this, but its so GLARING since I track my food. Days he’s with me, my numbers nearly triple. Oh my.

What else could we do?


Work on the house? No. I’d have to give specific instructions on what I want done OR we would have to work together on something. Just fucking shoot me. I swear, even if there is a small project, I want to choke the life out of him. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and he’s capable but he over thinks every stupid detail, takes FOREVER and refuses to just look it up. I, on the other hand, probably already saw 3 tutorials on how others did project X and the dries to touch time might as well be the same as the recoat time, because I’m gonna! I often start and end projects in a day. We clearly are not compatible. 

Go on a date? No funds. Even if we had funds, we wouldn’t after we paid a sitter. And we would have to find one first. Plus, who the hell feels like going out when they do not like themselves?!?!  Not this chic!

Sex? Bahaha. Is that a joke? Whoever made the rule that the person with the least sex drive decides when sex happens can kiss my ass. Seriously. Your partner wants you, is into all that you have, and you still can’t be hassled to do this thing that feels good and is good for you physically and mentally? Oooookay. You know some day you may be actually unable to do it, right? What a waste!

So, we eat. He tries to eat on my lifestyle. I really appreciate the attempt. 

What to do about the eating and wanting to be healthier. You’ve got to budget your calories, macros, whatever you are watching. For me, it works out. I want my carbs to stay around 50g per day, my average is around there. Mostly because its in the 20s and 30s when my partner is away. 🙂 You could do overly healthy and small breakfast and lunch, then normal dinner. Intermittent fasting. You could search out recipes full of things your family likes but that meet or almost meet your goals. Just because they don’t want to help, doesn’t mean you give up. Just take your marital chip to cash in later and find another way. 


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