Where the $@&# Did My Boobs Go?!

Week 4 has come and gone as we approach day 30 of low carb. I was finally starting to not feel so bad. My stomach is not nearly as upset and the rash is clearing. Okay, so my skin still looks bad. Just gross. Time to get aggressive with it.

I downloaded virtual makeover apps. Ran my un-made face and pulled back hair selfie (yikes! Who is that old lady?!?) through them. I developed a rough plan to work the changes. Yay!

I took my blood pressure last night and it has dropped about 10 points. It kinda pissed me off. I did what my last doctor told me to do – cut sodium, cut fat – and didn’t get drops in my blood pressure from dieting. Now I take in 3300mg of sodium and tons of fat and it drops?!?  Then I remembered, my new doc thinks I’m too low and wants me to wean off. With the drop and go ahead from the good doc, I get to cut my bp med in HALF for the next month. Whoop, whoop!!

This morning I woke up, removed hair, gave myself a facial and got dressed. Hmmmm.  My bras haven’t fit very well the last week. I decided to go ahead and measure for a bra since I was going to the store. I measure for the strap. Uh-oh. There’s no loss there. There is a full half inch missing from the cup measurement. Were the 6 pounds I lost just boob???? How am I ever not going to look like a beach ball if my boobs shrink faster than my stomach????? 


Things are different. I can feel changes. I have to stick with this a least through my next cholesterol check. Five more months. My blood pressure is down. Other things are probably improving too. 

I slip on my jeans and they slip. I still had to stretch them to get them zipped and buttoned but they slip when on. They are comfortable. Like they were last year when I was working out. 


I can do this. 


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