New Challenges

It has been over 6 weeks since I started the new diet. It is definitely time to evaluate everything and make some changes. Note – I finally took some really yummy cheats but mostly because I’m really sick and have a skeletal kitchen. No regrets. Perfect is not my thing. 

Here’s the down and dirty of it. 

Here’s just a rough outline of how I decide what to tweak. I look at my calories so I can figure the actual percentages for whatever I’m doing and my numbers in grams or kilograms. Am I doing well, what were those numbers on weeks I recorded a weight loss, have I been good about recording my food, how do I feel, what in my past experience can I add to this? This is where being hyper self critical pays off. (Hello, poor self esteem)

There are 3 key changes coming for the next month or so.

  1. Exercise, but only exercises I like. I am going to be able to dump my bp med this month but I prefer my blood pressure lower than my doc does. Plus I’d like a firm 2/6 rating on my heart valve at my next appointment. 
  2. I am dropping my carbs. In reality, the weeks I lost weight, my percentages worked out to be around 12%.  I took my carbs down to 35 grams which is 10% of 1400 calories. 
  3. I am changing the way I weigh in. Another blogger (read it here) that you weigh daily and average it once a week. I think based of this weeks big drop in less than 24 hours, this is a much better method for me. I’ve been advised the opposite as well. To weigh in less often. 

    There are encouraging notes. While my measurements went up, my clothes drape more loosely,  and my bp is dropping. 


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