The Good, The Bad, The Past Two Months LCHF

About 8 weeks into the new low carb diet my appetite just dropped. I mean gone. I wasn’t repulsed by food and still got hungry but a few bites and I was full. This brand new feeling scared the crap out of me!!! I did end up having a bit of sugar, a granola bar, after I experienced a few days of shakes and other symptoms. It fixed me right up. I make stupid mistakes, aside from getting too low. I ate 30 grams of carbs in one day. 100% of those carbs came from broccoli. Did you know you can’t eat that much broccoli in one day? I do now!  Ouch! Holy burping. Every time I eat broccoli now, I burp for days. I burp a lot these days. Remember my meals are planned for a month there’s still a lot of broccoli left to eat. 

Not all the stupid mistakes came from me. To get my carb count lower I looked up zero carb recipes. There are so many recipes labelled zero carb, that are NOT zero carb. I think we all need to be wary. Run it through your app or your extensive knowledge from carefully logging and reading labels before committing it to your meal plan! I get the feeling a lot of LCHF bloggers are NOT actually living that way. Hypocrotizers.

I went off my blood pressure med. (Don’t worry, the doc had wanted me off.) It didn’t work out at that moment. I mean, the doc wants it higher than I have it but not as high as it shot up. So, back to my low dose I went. However, its coincided with some good weight loss and now my bp and pulse are lower than before I went off. 


Hips 45″
Waist at belly button 43″
Bra 42″
Upper arm 15 1/2″ at widest
Thigh 23″ at widest.

Hips 45 1/2″
Bra 42″
Waist 42 3/4″
Upper arm 16″ at widest
Thigh 23″ at widest

Hips 44 1/2″
Bra 42″
Waist 42 1/2
Upper arm 15 1/2 at widest
Thigh 23 1/4″ at widest

I finally lost about 2 total inches, too. I don’t know who came up with the idea that 8 pounds of weight loss makes you drop 1 size, but they can kiss my ass. There are no new clothes for this chic! My clothes just fit more comfortably. 

Since my appetite is more that of a normal person, I’ve been able to take control back over other nutrients. My sodium, for example, is down by half. While its not below the daily allowance like it used to be, it is pretty low for a low carb diet. And I could drop the egg yolks again. I didn’t eat them for so long, I don’t enjoy them. Now they are only for custard. I eat a little sweet everyday now. The cravings for take out are gone. I am totally at ease picking up something for the kids but not for myself. 

The whole house is really adjusted. My oldest son just turned 15. For his birthday I made custard instead of ice cream. There were no complaints. He loved it. There are tons more noodles left than there were before, mac and cheese sits in the pantry unwanted. Bread is the only carb hold out. The kids still tear through a loaf in no time. I don’t blame them. I’ll always miss bread but between the sodium and the carbs, I will never eat it like I used to. 


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